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Speedstroke GYM Kayak Ergo


New Feature for 2012!

SpeedStroke can now be fitted with a Seat adaptor - which allows you to use your Nelo seat from your kayak- fitted directly to your Ergometer.

Easy Adjustable Resistance

Provided by an adjustable air-flow casing.

Quick Release Footrest Adjustment
Large display On-Board console

with fully calibrated, time elapsed, distance traveled, Countdown distances or time, Stroke rate, Heart rate, functions pace speed, or projected time (For 500m or 1000m).

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Product description

SpeedStroke Gym is KayakPro’s heavy-use Kayak and Canoe Ergometers, designed for high input and Multi-user use in Gyms, clubs and by professionals. It’s extremely robust Steel construction and easy operating mechanisms, allow easy use and adjustment. SpeedStroke Gym Kayak and Canoe Ergometers replicates Kayaking and High Kneel Canoeing precisely. They are fully performance calibrated for Kayaks and Canoes and gives the same “on-the-Water” feel as real Kayaking and Canoeing.

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