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Paddling Technical Coaching

Through Peak Performance Paddling, Ramon Andersson offers a number of comprehensive and professional coaching services to Perth paddlers. So whether you're looking for Paddling Technique Coaching or someone that you help guide you to a higher skill or paddling - Ramon and Peak Performance Paddling have the solution for you.

Paddling Technique Sessions Perth

Introductory One on One

In this initial session Ramon will spend 90+ minutes explaining and demonstrating the correct paddling technique using a variety of mediums from on water, paddling ergometer, video and land based exercises to help you grasp the concept of being able to paddle faster and more efficiently. Your paddle will be measured up to ensure you place your hands at the correct spacing and advice provided to the most appropriate paddle length and seating position within your craft. You will also be videoed in order for Ramon to provide technical advice and correction. You will be given a copy of your video either by email or by downloading onto your device at the end of the session.


Individual - $160.00 | Group of 2 - $100pp | Group of 3 - $80pp | Group of 4 - $70pp. For groups of 5 and above please email for a quote.

Regular One on One

If you have done the regular introduction session Ramon will continue to work with you over this one hour – one hour and fifteen session providing stroke correction and general paddling advice. Stroke correction will be performed on water work, via video, kayak ergometer and land based exercises.


Individual - $110.00 | Group of 2 - $75pp | Group of 3 - $65pp | Group of 4 - $55pp. For groups of 5 please email for a quote.

Other Coaching Services

Special Packages

Whilst Ramon will provide a lot of great information in one session and improvements can be made just by correct paddle and boat set up and small changes to technique, the reality is many paddlers come looking for stroke correction with a firmly embedded stroke pattern. This might be from just a few months of paddling or many years. As a consequence any coach looking to make consistent long lasting changes to any movement pattern needs to break down the neural pathway and help the brain relearn new more effective patterns. This needs to be done over a number of sessions over a relatively short period of time, therefore it is highly recommended that any paddler looking to make massive improvements for the long haul look at a minimum of 5 sessions. Ramon uses his experience in coaching and sports science to make these changes.


5 sessions – Individual - $440 | Group of 2 - $300pp | Group of 3 - $260 | Group of 4 - $220. For groups of 5 and above please email for a quote.

Thursday Morning Squad Sessions

Time: 5.45am – 7.15am – If you are an intermediate level paddler capable of covering 1000m between 3 min 50 sec and 5 min 10 sec then this is the squad for you. Train in a competitive environment where Ramon will work on your on water fitness, motivate you to achieve your best and continue to improve your technique. You will also receive periodic video analysis as well as the opportunity to work in small groups either before or after the session on the KayakPro Kayak Ergometers improving your technique and connection through the stroke. You will also receive a monthly training program to guide you in your other on water sessions and the program will target some of the main events on the calendar like the Avon, the Doctor, etc. You will also receive advice around nutrition, race preparation, strength and conditioning, etc. Squad will commence in January 2013. Squad size will be limited so if you are interested in being part of this squad register now to avoid disappointment.


$120 per month Email to enquire.

Coaching Clinics

If your training group, kayak club or surf club is interested in Ramon coming to you to run a half or one day clinic covering all aspects of performance improvement for paddling or you may be interested in a series of sessions for your club or group members please contact Ramon to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.