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Lisa Russ (nee Oldenhof)
2004 & 2008 Olympian - Bronze Medal WK4 500m 2008
Lisa Russ-Peak Performance Paddling

"Ramon possesses a variety of admirable qualities that set him apart from any other person I have worked with. His combination of professionalism, diplomacy, child-like enthusiasm, and an insatiable drive to learn and succeed as an individual, coach and family man is inspiring. In my career spanning 14 years of National and International canoeing competition as an athlete and still now with continued interest in the sport, Ramon has been a rock solid support person and mentor. You will struggle to find an athlete Ramon has coached that won't credit his dedication and expertise for their achievements, myself included."

Jesse Phillips
2012 Olympian - 6th K2 200m Double Kayak 2012
Jesse Phillips-Peak Performance Paddling

"I have worked with Ramon for over a decade and his dedication towards my best performance has never ceased.
He is the reason I have reached the heights I have in sport."

Rafael Avigad
Rafael Avigad-Peak Performance Paddling

"The training sessions provided a great balance of fitness and technique. I felt that Ramon locked in on precisely those aspects of my stroke that were weakest, and clearly explained what I needed to do to get better. The video sessions were also a great way of understanding what improvements I can make and how. I recommend his sessions to any paddler."

Andrew Crothers
Andrew Crothers-Peak Performance Paddling

“Ramon offers a great wealth of paddling knowledge, from nutrition to race tactics, he helped correct my technique by offering great feedback on the water with video analysis, and off the water with the kayak ergo. His sessions are full of useful advice and any question will have a tried and tested answer. From Molokai to Marathon you'll be motivated to get on the water.“